PT. Cahaya Kasih Sempurna

PT. Cahaya Kasih Sempurna serves as a distributor and an engineering agent for fire protection system. PT. Cahaya Kasih Sempurna was established in 2004 in Surabaya. In 2009 already have a sales & engineering support in Jakarta. To keep in touch with the customer.

PT. Cahaya Kasih Sempurna takes service in fire protection system in terms of distribution and service. In taking the service we have engineering support (in terms of design, installation, testing commissioning, maintenance). Moreover, we give value in our aftersale service. We give our best effort to give solutions in each of your problem in case of fire protection and security system. To obtain such a satisfaction result, we offer the competitive price, meanwhile we always keep the originslity and the quality of the product.

Business area of the company takes such a wide range of customer from household building to commercial and industrial building.


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